Worship Team

Worship Director

Elder Frank Johnson
[email protected]

Music & Arts

The Worship Ministry’s purpose is to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through song and dance – Vocal through the Women’s Choir, Praise Teams, the “Chosen” Choir and through the joy of motion our Dance Ministry. We minister at various services and accompany our Pastor when he is ministering at other churches.

Contact: Elder Frank Johnson Sr. and Prophetess Tracy Cleveland, Ministry Leaders
[email protected]

The vocal part of the Worship Ministry attends scheduled workshops to perfect the gift and understanding their role in the ministry. Because it is a labor of love, one of our scriptures we stand on is Psalm 34:1.

Contact: Deaconess Lorain Roach and Missionary Melanie Batie, Ministry Leaders
[email protected]

Spiritual Expressions of Praise is our multifaceted praise dance ministry.  The purpose of the ministry is to inspire and uplift the body of Christ while encouraging God’s people to worship freely through dance and creative expression.  This is comprised of youth to adult members.

Ministry Name

Mime Ministry
Deaconess Lorain Roach
6 and up

Daughters of David
Prophetess Toni Fykes
5 – 26