2021 Church Theme
The Year of Disciplining: Perfecting, Realigning and Activating GOD’S Vision
Luke 5:1-11
The Disciple’s Daily Profession!

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ! I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me! I have the power and authority over all the power of the enemy! I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, in Jesus's name, Amen!

Meet Our Staff

Ministerial Staff

Elder Sean Batie

Associate Minister

Elder Odessa Harris

Associate Minister

Reverend Dr. Donna Stancell

Senior Prophetess

Minister Tracey Cleveland

Associate Minister

Evangelist Monica Veney

Associate Minister

Minister Natalie Bell

Associate Minister

Elder Margaret Price

Associate Minister

Prophet Kelvin and Prophetess LaShondra Hemsley

Youth & Young Adults Ministry Leader

Reverend Denise Mills

Praise 91 Radio Ministry Leader

Minister Linda Foxx

Associate Minister

Minister Peter Thomason

Associate Minister

Minister Lisa Johnson

Associate Minister

Minister Betty Gentry

Associate Minister

Elder Wilbur Cleveland

Associate Minister

Elder Frank Johnson

Director of Worship

Reverend Yolanda Sampson

Director of Evangelism

Elder Odell Austin

Associate Minister

Prophet Matthew and Prophetess Toni Fykes

Minister Paula Williamson

Associate Minister

Evangelist Robin Bailey

Associate Minister

Church Administration

Special Projects Coordinator / Strategic Leadership
Sister Christine Long

Brother Anthony Fletcher

Missionary Connie Holland

Board of Directors Administrator
Office Administrator

Sister Melanie Batie

Deacon Darryl Campbell

Pastoral Executive Assistant
Wanda Crawford

Leadership Team Administrator
Deaconess Belinda Hubb


Transportation Ministry

Our mission is Christ led and Bible based to serve the First Church family, transporting to and from the FC-PGC campus to the FC-DC campus sanctuary on Sunday mornings. If you have a current CDL and DOT card and are willing to volunteer at least one Sunday a month between the hours of 7:45 am – 11:15 am, please contact the Church Office. Your service is welcomed!

Ministry Operations

Business Operations Director
Deacon Darnell Wright

PGC Physical Operations
Deacon Eric Clifton

Bread Ministry
Deacon James Brinkley, Sr.

Audio / Visual Media Ministry
Deacon James and Deaconess Vanessa Hawkins

Audio/Visual Media Ministry

The Media Ministry serves as a conduit in First Church to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ through the use of technology and media. This ministry records various teachings, events and sermons, which are made available on CDs and DVDs. If you have a natural gift for electronics, sound, video or perhaps just a strong desire to learn, along with a passion to serve. We need you!

Pastoral Staff

Pastoral Executive Assistant
Sister Wanda Crawford
202-526-9262 or 9266

Bread Ministry

The ministry’s mission is to help the nutritional, emotional, and spiritual needs of others through Christ’s love and the generosity of the community.

First Church Cares
Minister Betty Gentry

First Church Cares

The mission of First Church Cares is to express the love of God to God’s children here at First Church. As led by the Holy Spirit we encourage, edify, and speak life to the members to help them mature as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. We reaffirm the member’s value to the First Church ministry and to the body of Christ always emphasizing their significance to First Church as it is written in Ephesians 4:16 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love. We provoke our members to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and we always remind them that Jesus loves them and First Church Cares.

Kingdom Connection
Prophetess Missionary Julz

Kingdom Connection

“Connecting ALL People in the Spirit of GOD’s Love and Excellence” Psalm 145:12
To God be all the glory, majesty, dominion, and power now and forever! The Kingdom Connection Ministry and the Kingdom Connection Bookstore were created in 2013 and birthed February 16, 2014 at First Church Washington’s 2nd outreach location, the Regal Royale Hyattsville Theatre in Prince George’s County, under the leadership of Prophetess Missionary Julz. As customer-care centered Ministries, joyfully these information hubs offer accurate details and expedite ministry and bookstore sales and event promotions. The friendly men, women, and youth of KC and KCB are easily identifiable wearing brightly colored uniforms and unique haberdashery. They are intuitive stewards who are obedient to God, faithfully follow Jesus Christ, and sacrificially serve in the Holy Spirit to bless and welcomingly love all people while winning souls for the Lord’s Kingdom! This elite team of professionals led by the Holy Spirit’s anointing, use their God-given gifts and talents to connect, educate, intercede, and serve all visitors, guests, members, and ministries of FC-DC, FC-PGC, and beyond. COME join us for your Kingdom Experience!

Deaconess Carol Claggett

Financial Discipleship
Sister Cassandra White

Financial Discipleship

For which of you intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish ~ Luke 14:28.

“The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is a servant to the lender.” ~ Proverbs 22:7

Our mission is to help individuals and families build a financial foundation with an emphasis on budget, saving, and eliminating debt. We facilitate the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course throughout the year. In addition, one-on-one counseling is available on an as needed basis.

“For the protection of wisdom is like the protection of money, and the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the life of him who has it.” ~ Ecclesiastes 7:1

Social Media
Sister Nicole Barnes

Social Media

First Church uses social media to effectively and efficiently disseminate the Word of God as well as keep an awareness of Christ and His Church on social networking sites throughout the world wide web in support of the mission to make, mature and multiply faithful disciples. The social media ministry consists of a team who manages, posts, filters and updates the First Church social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).